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Micro Flight 7.0

Flight simulator for multiple types of aircraft
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Ilan Papini

This flight simulator offers realistic and accurate physics and dynamics. It can simulate aircraft like hang gliders, paragliders, trikes, paraplanes, microlights, autogyros, helicopters, sailplanes, light sports aircraft, piston engine aircraft, jet engine aircraft, multirotor aircraft, hot air balloons. Fully simulated flight controls are present.

Micro Flight is a simulation of various types of flight experiences. It is characterized by the type of aircraft you can pilot. Thus, instead of huge airliners, this program is more focused on lighter aircraft, such as parasails, helicopters and gliders. It is based on missions, for which you receive a great deal of help and useful instructions. Yet, it comes with only one scenery, though it is possible to download more.

The program’s interface resembles that of a common game, so most users will feel comfortable using it. It supports adjusting screen resolution and speed to your computer’s characteristics. The 3D graphics are generally fine, but sometimes you will notice some rendering issues. The aircraft models look realistic with a lot of details in the controls. In this respect, the simulation allows three different perspectives: virtual cockpit, chase plane, and drop camera. It is a shame that the background sound feels repetitive and somewhat annoying.

As said before, the main attraction of this program, if you compare it with other flight simulators, is the type of aircraft, which ranges from war planes to some as unusual as hot air and helium balloons. But this is not the only catch, you are allowed to create your own vehicle, which you cannot do using other programs of this type. In addition, more models can be downloaded from the developer’s site in case you want to experience more.

All in all, Micro Flight is gladly welcome by those users who want something unusual, such as creating your dream plane or piloting a balloon. Its main advantage is definitely not its graphics, let alone its background music.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows creating your own planes
  • Allows piloting aircraft that is not common in other flight simulators
  • Lets you adjust resolution and speed
  • Excellent help and instructions
  • More aircraft and sceneries can be downloaded


  • Some rendering issues
  • Only one scenery
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